The Features of Good Walking Boots

A good walking boot should have four key characteristics in order to give you the best walking footwear which will take you longer and farther in comfort. In no particular order, these qualities are that the walking boot should be waterproof, breathable, offer strong support for your ankles, and have a good grip on their soles. A waterproof walking boot is important because you cannot guarantee the weather and it may so happen that you will end up walking in the middle of a storm out in the countryside. With no shelter and the end of the walk a distance away there is no choice but to tramp on, carried by your reliable waterproof hiking boots. Breathability is an essential characteristic for any pair of walking boots for the simple reason that it takes care of both your feet and your walking shoes.

The inside of even the best hiking boots can be humid and if that moisture does not have an avenue of escape it could stay inside the boot and cause skin rashes, fungal growth, shoe material deterioration and bad smells. Having some way for the humid air to escape prevents all of these things from happening. Ankle support is there for the obvious reasons. You would not want to be walking through the wilderness to have your hiking shoes give way causing you to sprain your ankle. Having a good grip is the final important quality as it ensures that you stay on two legs on the slipperiest of surfaces out there.